Case Studies Houndslow Homes
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Hounslow Homes was formed in 2002 as one of the first arm’s-length management organisations (ALMOs) in the country. Owned by the London Borough of Hounslow, Hounslow Homes manages the council’s 16,500 homes. Services to residents include a customer service centre, a dedicated anti-social behaviour team that also supports and advises residents, neighbourhood wardens, rent and equalities teams and a caretaking and grounds maintenance service.
Hounslow Homes’ strategy is to be readily accessible to tenants, so they can easily make contact when they need assistance. To support this aim, Hounslow Homes purchases a wide range of items including rulers, key chains, stressballs, pens and pencils, piggy banks, backpacks, shopper bags, magnets and calendars.  Branded with the Hounslow Homes logo, these products are used to promote the various services and advertise contact details.
Says Etaize Anstis, Press and Publicity Officer, “We give away branded items on fun-days and information events such as a recent Disability Awareness Day. Most of our teams are present on these days and have a selection of branded merchandise to hand out to tenants.”
Etaize Anstis is delighted with the range of goods available through Insignia, saying, “It’s very easy to look through the catalogues and online, and find what we need. Then we send a link to the team, so they can view the items and choose.” Hounslow Homes also finds Insignia’s customer service ethos and flexible approach helpful. Says Etaize, “If I can’t find a particular product in the catalogue, Insignia can usually track down what we need. Sometimes we will ask Insignia to make recommendations too, but mostly the teams have their favourite products.” 
Insignia also affords Hounslow Homes the convenience of a ‘one-stop-shop’. Etaize concludes, “It’s great that Insignia has such a fantastic range of good quality products in one place, for us to chose from.”